28 apr. 2010

Part-time and short-term studies
In addition to the Basic Study Programme, the Nordic Art School (NAS) offers a three-year part-time study programme, ceramic and print-making workshops, summer classes for children, as well as a range of further-education courses for art teachers and artists.

Basic Art Studies for Adults Programme
NAS offers a three-year programme in basic art studies for adults – the only programme of its kind in the Swedo-Finnish education system. Taught entirely in Swedish, the programme follows its own curriculum and is primarily aimed at adults interested in art and creative studies. Students in the adult programme get a chance to work with some of the Nordic world’s most prominent artists: a portion of the instruction is carried out by the renowned artists who teach in the basic preparatory programme at NAS through its acclaimed guest-teacher programme.

Instruction takes place throughout the regular art school semester on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. An in-depth class in a particular fine-art subject takes place one weekend a month.

The first year of the programme focuses on drawing, painting, print-making and basic three-dimensional artwork. In the second year, students pursue painting and print-making in greater depth, with an accompanying focus on visual analysis during this period of more practical, hands-on work. During the final year of the programme, students work with new media, the moving image, and performance-based art. The final months of the programme are reserved for guidance sessions, discussions and final-exam preparations.

In June, during the first weeks of the summer holidays, we offer art classes for children between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. The teachers are young, energetic artists who have experience working with children. During course sessions, the kids work with a variety of visual-expression mediums that include, for example, music and dance. The courses are aimed at children aged 6 to 10.

Further education
NAS offers workshops in a variety of themes for artists and art teachers. The workshops are led by professional, established artists. Customized workshops and courses are also available for schools, groups and organizations. We can provide workshops or classes to meet your needs on just about any subject. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or inquiries.