28 apr. 2010

Our teachers are all professional artists. Many of them also teach at art schools and academies.

Teaching hours at NAS take place weekdays between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Students have access to school facilities on evenings and weekends. Every Tuesday evening, instructors on the NAS guest-teacher program give a lecture on their work. Every Thursday evening there is a life drawing class with a live model. Both evenings are part of the curriculum and are compulsory for NAS students.

The tuition at NAS is 750€ per term. Tuition covers instruction, a personal studio space, and the cost of some work materials. Students are required to pick up additional costs for work materials and other items themselves.

An NAS education exposes students to a full range of perspectives in contemporary art, and the curriculum covers art theory as well as practical instruction. Visiting instructors on the NAS guest-teacher program are given the freedom to plan their own courses, and each course is treated as a separate unit. Special lecture periods throughout the term serve as a complement to the practical sides of the curriculum. Occasionally, and only when necessary, classes are arranged on weekends. Such classes are optional.

The premises
The NAS campus boasts a large, beautiful painting studio, a computer classroom with both PCs and Macs, a lecture room, a wood workshop, a library and a dark room. The students also have access to a print lab. In most cases, students are provided with a studio of their own.

Living in Kokkola
Finding a place to rent in Kokkola is fairly easy if you start ahead of time. Student accommodations can be found privately or through the student accommodation agency, Tankkari (www.tankkari.fi)

Grants and subsidies
NAS students are entitled to receive study grants and subsidies from their respective home countries. To find out whether you are eligible to receive support, contact the student aid authorities in your country.

Folkpensionsanstalten (www.fpa.fi)

Centrala studiestödsnämnden (www.csn.se)

Statens Uddanelsestøtte (www.su.dk)

Lånekassen (www.lanekassen.no)