1 feb. 2018

Artist Talk by Tilda Dalunde on Wednesday 7th of February at 6 pm

Tilda Dalunde (SE) is having her Artist Talk on Wednesday 7th of February. Warmly welcome!

Artist Statement:

I see art as a negotiation with reality; a way of understanding, but also the realisation that understanding always brings up more questions. My work starts as a way of questioning the world of today and where we humans fit into it. I often let historical events and scientific theories form a base when I investigate what is, and what could have been. I'm interested in the balances between beauty and disgust and the balance between obvious and vague.

Through subjects as diverse as the global natural disaster of 536 CE, Charles Darwin's relationship with islands, and my grandmother's disappearance into the world of dementia, I want to tell stories by presenting fragments. I'm fascinated by the idea that these fragments can be put together as a whole inside of a observer, that this is the creation of the finished artwork and that it only exists there, inside that particular observer.

I use a variety of materials and techniques, but my way of working always originates from exploring, rather than inventing meaning. An important part of this exploration is to approach and get to know new materials. I usually choose materials quite early in the process and the materials thereby become part of the limitations I give myself, but it also makes them co-authors of the story I tell. During research and experimentation new questions and thoughts emerge that in time will form the new base for my next project.