26 mars 2018

Artist Talk by AiR Arlene Tucker (TW/USA) on Wednesday 28th of March at 6 pm

Arlene Tucker is a Taiwanese and American installation artist, educator, and toy and game designer interested in adding play elements to daily life through her art. Inspired by translation studies, animals and nature, she finds ways to connect and make meaning in our shared environments. Her process-based artistic work creates spaces and situations for exchange, dialogue, and transformations to occur and surprise all players. She is interested in creating art and situations that trigger the memory and that engage the viewer, inviting the viewer on stage to be a part of the narrative or art creation process. The participation of the observer simultaneously continues and renews the story, in translation. 

 Collective artwork made from Let it Out performance at CulturaFest, 2017. Photo by Anastasia Artemeva.

During her residency at Drake Art Center in Kokkola Arlene has been focusing on Let it Out, which is a joint effort between Anastasia Artemeva, Sonny Nyman, and herself. Let It Out is a project that connects young people affected by imprisonment in Russia and in Finland. Young people will exchange artworks, lyrics, and short videos, produced during workshops with artists and musicians. Let it Out is the current sub-project of Prison Space, established in 2016 by Anastasia. Prison Outside is supported by Kone Foundation.

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